Sell your used skis on outdoor marketplace

It is only few months for the winter season. Are you keen on to buy new skis? You might have few old skis already on your closet, so why not get some extra money for your skiing trip by selling them. Don’t storage your equipment in your closet.

If you own good branded skis those probably still have value even if you have used them for few years. You decide the price and let the buyers make the decisions if the price is too high or suitable. Before adding your skis for sale, here is a tip list to follow up.

  • Check the bottoms. Are there any holes or scratches?
  • Check the measurements of the skis and add those to your sales post. Length, mid- waist, top and bottom width.
  • Check the bindings.
  • Check that your skis are clean. ( no beer or gluhwein marks from the after ski)
  • If you have ever had any major injuries with your skis, for example there has been problems with the bindings, mention that to the possible buyer. You can always sell your skis without bindings.
  • You get a happy buyer of you sell skis that had been in ski service.

You can add your sales add here: Β ADD YOUR SALES POST ON WENLASHOP

/ Wenlashop

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