22 Photos That Will Make You Want to Visit South America This Winter

After looking these pictures you want to travel to South America too. Awesome!


DSC_0739 Huascaran National Park, Peru

We spent 3 months last winter exploring Peru, Ecuador, and Colombia. Much of what we saw left of speechless. Away from the 1st world problems we’re so caught up with in the United States, we were able to go back to our roots submersing ourselves in the lifestyles of locals leading much simpler lives. We said goodbye to our phone and didn’t speak to our families for months. Our possessions fit in our backpacks and we limited ourselves to a couple shirts each. We didn’t feel we could accurately relay our experience to our readers here so we didn’t really write about it at all. Our eyes were awestruck on the most beautiful landscapes we’ve ever seen, our stomachs feasted on food too good to be true, and we were witness to incredible people it’s almost impossible to write about. The thing is, we only scratched the…

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